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Holiday Bundle
Holiday Bundle
Holiday Bundle
Holiday Bundle
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Holiday Bundle

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Want to give the gift of thriving plants? Shop our holiday bundle for 3 Essential Kits to gift the planty people in your life featuring 3 different sleeve designs. 

Our 3 Essentials give you the A-B-C of plant care;  fast growth, healthy leaves, and strong, resilient roots.

Includes: 3x Grow Concentrate 8 fl oz (236mL),
3x Protect Spray 17 fl oz (500mL),
3x Enrich Powder 14 oz (400g)

Grow Concentrate: Full of microbes to promote vigorous growth.

Protect Spray: Neem is combined with a special microbial blend to tackle even the trickiest of issues.

Enrich Powder: Made by earthworms, it's the perfect root builder and soil conditioner.

Grow Concentrate: Use every time you water by adding ¼ tsp per quart (32 fl oz) of water.

Protect Spray: Shake well and mist your leaves every 2 weeks, or more often if there's an active issue.

Enrich Powder: Sprinkle onto top soil before every watering, or through soil when repotting.

What's the deal with shipping?

We strive to dispatch all orders within two business days. For returns, please refer to the shipping & returns policy.

Can all products be used together?

Yes! Our products work well by themselves, but even better together and all year round!

Are they safe for pets?

Our products have been tested by animal toxicologists and deemed safe under normal circumstances and when used as directed.


How it works

Step One

Use the Grow Concentrate with every water for fast growth and resilient plants.

Step Two

Add the Enrich Powder before every water or when repotting provide your plants with daily support.

Step Three

Spray with Protect when plants need some extra love, or prevent a multitude of problems by spraying fortnightly.

Step Four

Watch plants thrive as they receive the essential nutrients, enzymes and microbes that they crave.