Help your houseplants thrive all year round!

Plant care that's simple, effective, and organic.

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Your plants were born to be wild. Raise them that way.

Foolproof formulas that are packed full of beneficial bacteria and fungi to help your houseplants thrive like they would in nature! Rely on us for strong roots, vigorous growth and resilient houseplants through every season, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Your 3 essentials for happy plants:

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Every organic drop is packed with a complex mix of
microbes to bring the biodiversity of nature to your plants!

Your kit for complete plant care

Save money and get everything you need for thriving plants with the best selling Essential Plant Care Kit.

Lovingly made by earthworms, not machines

Our wormy friends help us to create better products, for healthier plants. And that's just the start!

  • Biodiverse ingredients

    A specialist blend of organic ingredients bring your plants complex nutrients that replicate the biodiversity forest floor. 

  • Safe for all plants

    Every plant will love our products - at all times of year. No burning. No overdosing.

  • The power of earthworms

    Our products are made by earthworms, to bring you the beneficial bacteria & enzymes that all plants crave.

  • Foolproof formulas

    3 products are all you need to care for your houseplants at every stage of life.

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Natural, organic, & backed by science

We work with some of the world's leading microbiologists, horticulturalists and environmental scientists. Together, we formulate and rigorously test organic formulas to make sure that they're better for your houseplants and the earth.

Why our customers choose us over the rest

Standard fertilizer

Chemical ingredients

Made with sulphuric acid & petroleum

0 active microbes


Our products

100% organic ingredients

Made by earthworms

200+ active microbes

Certified by NASAA organic

Better for plants, and the planet

We’re good for your plants – and for the earth. Our natural products make good use of organic waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Every product you purchase helps by planting a tree, rebuilding some of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. We’re also recyclable, circular, traceable and just a smidge proud of it. 

Our Commitment

"I call these the wonder products. My plants loveeee them!"

Charlie Lees