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Orchid Essential Kit

Orchid Essential Kit

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Introducing our Orchid Care Essentials Kit! This kit has everything you need to grow a thriving, healthy Orchid!

Includes: Bloom Concentrate 5 fl oz,
Protect Spray 8 fl oz

Bloom Concentrate: Full of microbes to promote vigorous growth and more blooms.

Protect Spray: Our powerful Neem spray is combined with added geraniol for specific issue that Orchids struggle with.

Bloom Concentrate: Use every time you water by adding ¼ tsp per quart (32 fl oz) of water.

Protect Spray: Shake well and mist your leaves every 2 weeks, or more often if there's an active issue.

What's the deal with shipping?

We strive to dispatch all orders within two business days. For returns, please refer to the shipping & returns policy.

Can all products be used together?

Yes! Our products work well by themselves, but even better together and all year round!

Are they safe for pets?

Our products have been tested by animal toxicologists and deemed safe under normal circumstances and when used as directed.

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  • Step One

    Use the Bloom Concentrate with every water for fast growth and more blooms.

  • Step Two

    Spray with Protect when plants need some extra love, or prevent a multitude of problems by spraying every other week.

  • Step Three

    Check out our blog article 4 Myths About Orchids for care tips and tricks!

  • Step Four

    Watch plants thrive as they receive the essential nutrients, enzymes and microbes that they crave.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy Orchid Care

My orchids haven't bloomed in a while. I knew they needed help - more light, fertilizer, etc. I was excited to find such a high quality, organic products that the Orchid Essential Kit contains to provide the nutrients my orchids need. The Protect Spray makes the leave shine as well as protects my plants. Super easy to use!

Erin R.
I'm a fan for life

As always, the products are all amazing. All of my Orchids are loving the new care they are getting from your orchid kit. I am rehabbing one from almost certain death that only had about 1/4 inch root left. Within the past few weeks of using the orchid fertilizer, I've seen 5 new air roots starting to emerge. I'm thrilled. My other two Orchids are growing and happy and I can't wait for them to bloom. It's been years, so I'm happy to have a kit that can guide me to their full potential.

Kelley M.
Packaging only flaw

Love the products. My orchids are showing a lot more growth. One of the packages ripped inside the shipping box though, spilling out a small amount of the enrich powder, so I had black powder everywhere.