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Mess-free Gardening Mat - x2

Mess-free Gardening Mat - x2

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Say goodbye to the mess of indoor gardening! Simply place the mat on your workspace, do your dirty work, and voila! No more soil spills or dirt tracks.

Finished? These mats are made from corn, so you can add them to your compost bin, green trash or even bury them in the garden! 

Includes 2x mats.

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  • Step One

    Roll out on your counter, coffee table, bedroom floor - where ever you can grab a little space!

  • Step Two

    Grab your plant and your new pot. Don't forget your Enrich and Grow!

  • Step Three

    Use the repotting mat to catch all the dirt when removing a plant from the old pot. Gently place plant in it's new home with a little dirt and little Enrich mixed in the soil. Water with Grow!

  • Step Four

    Shake the mat out into the trash or out the window. Save to re-use OR dispose, knowing this baby is compostable.

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