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Great stuff

My houseplants are so happy!!

Easy Orchid Care

My orchids haven't bloomed in a while. I knew they needed help - more light, fertilizer, etc. I was excited to find such a high quality, organic products that the Orchid Essential Kit contains to provide the nutrients my orchids need. The Protect Spray makes the leave shine as well as protects my plants. Super easy to use!

Easy Essential Care

I decided to repot some of my plants and was so glad I had the Essential Plant Care Kit to help my plants during this transition. Easy to use and I love how the Protect Spray makes the leaves shine. So nice to know that I'm using the best organic products to help my plants thrive!

So Easy!

I love We The Wild products. They are so easy to use and have completely changed my plant health. The only thing is, I wish they would sale in larger sizes. I have 150+ plants, I use a lot of these products. We need larger bulk sizes or just larger size options.

Wonderful product and my plants love it!

Enrich Powder

I received this product recently and cannot make a honest review as of yet. Will see in a few months

I love the product the plants seem to enjoy it so far I only started using it last week.

Great results!!

I finally received my products after a fluke with delivery and they had to reprocess my order. So, after finally receiving my product, I already have new growth after one use!!! I’m so excited!

I'm a fan for life

As always, the products are all amazing. All of my Orchids are loving the new care they are getting from your orchid kit. I am rehabbing one from almost certain death that only had about 1/4 inch root left. Within the past few weeks of using the orchid fertilizer, I've seen 5 new air roots starting to emerge. I'm thrilled. My other two Orchids are growing and happy and I can't wait for them to bloom. It's been years, so I'm happy to have a kit that can guide me to their full potential.

Great product!

Love the product, reasonably priced and my plants love it! Thank you

Love These Gloves

Cleaning and polishing your plants’ leaves is so much quicker and easier. Why didn’t someone think of these gloves a long time ago? The combination of the spray product and the gloves is a winner.

I can see the difference! I'm happy. You gained a customer for sure!

Love the products!!

Waiting to see if it works

I luv this stuff and so do my babies thank u so much ❤️

No I didn't live anything in my cart

No I didn't live anything in my cart Thank you

Best products

Love all the products!!

Grow Concentrate
Cynthia B.

Great product, but shipping takes too long.

This stuff works! My houseplants were suffering due to the lack of sunlight this winter. This nectar pepped them back up!

Plant care kit

I love the products I received and my plants love them even more.

Easy to use

Makes the plants look so much better

Packaging only flaw

Love the products. My orchids are showing a lot more growth. One of the packages ripped inside the shipping box though, spilling out a small amount of the enrich powder, so I had black powder everywhere.

Great products

My plants have really perked up since I started using We the Wild products. I also received the gnat traps 2 days ago & was shocked at the number that were caught! I didn’t even know there were gnats here, as I never noticed them flying around, but I bought the traps just in case. I’m glad I did. Thank you to We the Wild. 😍

Pleased customer

First of all I appreciated the nice packaging. Secondly the leaf spray smells so much better than any other I've ever used. And most importantly my plants seem to be benefiting from all of the products

Love it. Works wonderful.