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Enrich Powder

Enrich Powder

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Strong roots = a resilient houseplant!

10 groups of beneficial fungi and 500 million microorganisms per tsp release into the soil to help plants better absorb nutrients. The fungi act as the plants ‘messenger' to build a symbiotic relationship with its soil. Enrich transforms your soil into a teeming ecosystem for strong, resilient, roots ripe for growth!

Your houseplants will enjoy improved nutrition and less abiotic stress.

Standard Bag 14 oz bag
Refill Value Bag 70 oz bag
Refill Value Pack 2x 70 oz bag

Active Ingredients: Earthworm castings

A complex blend of organic greenery is diverted from landfill, lovingly processed by Californian earthworms and air dried and aged for maximum results.

10 groups of beneficial fungi and 500 million microorganisms per tsp release into the soil to help plants better absorb nutrients.

For existing plants:

1. Sprinkle on soil before watering (2 tsp for 3-6” pots, 3 tsp for 7-10”, 4 tsp for 10”+).
2. Water with diluted Grow Concentrate.

When repotting: 

  1. 1. Mix powder into new soil (3 tsp per quart of soil).
  2. 2. Position your plant and layer with soil.
  3. 3. Water with diluted Grow Concentrate.

What's the deal with shipping?

Our processing time is 2-3 days and shipping is 3-5 days. Orders over $60 ship free. Everything else ships $5 flat rate.

What plants can I use it on?

Enrich is safe for all plants. It is specifically formulated for plants in pots, however, you can use it on outdoor and edible plants if desired.

How should I store it?

Store upright. Avoid excessive heat, moisture and humidity.

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  • Step One

    Add powder to your pot and dig into the topsoil. This transforms your soil into a mini ecosystem that replicates the forest floor.

  • Step Two

    Wait as a beneficial relationship is formed between the soil, the roots and the plant.

  • Step Three

    Watch the slow release of 500 million microorganisms per teaspoon support your plant daily.

  • Step Four

    Rest easy knowing all plants love our Enrich Powder; from seed to full grown stud.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

Really love this!! My plants are doing so much better and they look healthy and are really thriving.


My plants love this product!!❤️

LaVerne W.
Plants seem happy!

I just started using the Enrich powder a few months ago. I am seeing new growth on my plants and everyone seems happy!! I just ordered the big refill bag. So far I think it’s a great product!!


My plants are very happy

Absolutely LOVE all these products!

Thank you so much for helping me grow my green thumb!! All my plants are thriving! My personal jungle is so healthy! It really makes my heart full! Thank you We the Wild you got a customer for life!!!
LOVE tami