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Compostable Gnat Traps

Compostable Gnat Traps

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Have fungus gnats or other annoying flying pests? Simply stick these discreet pest strips on the inside rim of your pot to make them disappear!

Our pest traps are made from compostable corn, not toxic plastic, so they can go straight in the compost once the pests have disappeared.

Discreet design catches pests without large ugly traps.

Comes with a FREE storage tin.

Combine with our Leaf Care Bundle for a complete pest solution.

Simply stick these bad boys on the inside rim of your pots and watch those buggers disappear. Don't want to stick it to your pot? No worries! It also comes with a small stake to stick these in the dirt instead of on the pot.

  • Fungus Gnats
  • Whiteflies
  • Aphids
  • Thrips
  • + more (anything with wings!)

What's the deal with shipping?

We provide fast shipping, with dispatch within two business days. But we're human, and sometimes there may be delays. We do our best to keep you up to date on any delays on our part.

What plants can I use it on?

You can use this on anything in a pot. If you don't want to stick it to your pot it also comes with a small stake you can use to place in the dirt.

How should I store it?

It comes with a cute tin to store the strips and maintain their stickiness!

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  • Step One

    Wipe the inside rim of your pot so it's clean of dirt & debris.

  • Step Two

    Take out 1 strip (or 2 if you have a bad infestation) use the sticky back to place them on the inside rim of your pot.

  • Step Three

    Remove the protective layer from the top and enjoy bug free plants!

  • Step Four

    Replace once / month or sooner depending on need.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amanda B.
Best products

Love all the products!!

Sarah C.
5 Stars All Around🤩

I LOVE the traps - they’re perfectly hidden and work like a charm without damaging my plants. The customer service - also *chef’s kiss* amazing! Quick, helpful, and so kind😊

Sticky but won't stay attached

I've used these for a couple weeks now and although they are super sticky they don't stay attached to the sides of the pots, they fall off into the soil and so they collect me dirt than gnats!! I'll be looking for other solutions for the gnat eradication!

Donna D.
Gnat traps are great

They work as they should

Really Sticky

Love these! They attach right up the pot and no worries about damage to the plant! Love the cute tin to keep them in. Perfect addition to my WTW collection!