3 Quick Weekend Care Tips for Your Plants

3 Quick Weekend Care Tips for Your Plants

Here are 3 quick things you can do this weekend to refresh your green babes without giving up for your entire weekend! 

We know you have other things to do, even if it's Netflix and chill! 

#1 Give Your Plants a Trim

How to prune indoor plants?  Well, stress-less because pruning your houseplants is easy as pie! Actually, it's a bit like giving your houseplants a spa day.

Trim any yellow or dead leaves to encourage new growth.

Prune back any leggy stems to maintain a bushier appearance and encourage fresh foliage.

Pro Tip: After trimming, add a sprinkle of Enrich to the soil. It will reduce any stress from the pruning session and help your plants make the most of their new "do"!

how to prune indoor plants

#2 Rotate your Plants to Give them More Light

This one takes just a few seconds and it's so important!

Lack of light is a key reason why plants struggle. Rotate your plants regularly to ensure even exposure to light. This helps prevent one side of the plant from becoming leggy.

Pro Tip: Give those leaves a fresh spray with Protect to ensure they're grime and dust free and ready to absorb that beautiful light.

#3 Check for Pests and Disease 

Get ahead of issues before they become a major problem and you risk loosing your plant! 

Inspect under leaves for signs of spider mites or aphids. Look for mildew, mold or unusual spots. 

Treat any issues! We recommend using a spray using natural Neem like our Protect spray instead of a chemical spray (safer for your home!). 

Pro Tip: Use a microfiber towel or our gloves to wipe leaves clean and remove any hiding pests or mildew. 


There you have it! 3 quick things you can do to keep your plants happy and healthy. Remember a little routine care goes a long way, for your plants and for you! 

Have a great weekend out there wild ones.

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