4 Myths About Caring for Orchids

4 Myths About Caring for Orchids

Orchids are beautiful but get a bad rap for being hard to care for. Today we're dispelling 4 myths about orchid care and setting the facts straight so you can grow a thriving plant with lots of blooms. 

4 Myths about Orchids 

#1: Add Ice Cubes to Soil 

NO! Please don't do this, ice cubes can shock the plant's roots and it's not a pleasant experience for them.

FACT: You should water your orchid less frequently but consistently. They are from the rainforest so in their natural environment they're used to a downpour... but not every day. 

#2: Use Peat Moss

The reason some people think orchids are hard is because they are picky about water, and so we over think it! But we just need to mimic their natural environment, and it's really not so hard.

Peat moss is spongy and retains too much water, which leads to inadequate aeration and drainage for orchids. 

(Peat moss also has some sustainability concerns in how the environment is impacted when it's harvested. We recommend leaving peat moss out of your gardening whenever possible).

FACT: Use a chunky potting mix. Orchids naturally grow on trees so they need a lot of air and drainage. 

#3 Once they Bloom, Orchids are Trash

This one really hurts our hearts when we think about how many orchids have been thrown out due to lack of understanding. With proper care (see below) you can have many blooms!

TIPUse the Orchid Kit to get recurring blooms, with little effort. 

#4 Don't Fertilize 

Don't use harsh fertilizers that can burn and overdose your plants, that is true. But a natural fertilizer is great for providing the nutrients for growth and future flowering. 

TIP: Use a bioactive products like Bloom Concentrate to keep your orchid around for a long time. 


And that's it! Spread the news - orchids are actually incredibly easy to care for when you follow these tips. Be sure to check out our Orchid Kits to make caring for them even easier. 

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