Tips for houseplants in the winter

4 Tips to Care for Your Plants in Winter ❄️

Are your plants struggling through the winter? Most of your planty babes hail from tropical climates, which can make the colder months a bit challenging for them. But have no fear! With a little extra love and care, you can ensure your plants not only survive but thrive through the winter. (Only 67 days until spring 🥳 🌸)

We The Wild's Winter Plant Care Tips

1. Cut back on watering

As the weather cools and days get shorter, it takes longer and longer for your soil to dry out. Meaning you'll have to cut back from your typical summer watering routine to prevent root rot and fungal infections.

Pro-tip: Pop your finger in the top two inches of soil to check that it's dry before watering. 

2. Let there be light

You might notice that a plant that once enjoyed a sunny afternoon spot is now living in the shadows. Try rearranging your plants to sunnier spots or adding an accessory like a grow light.

Pro-tip: Give your leaves a good clean with our Leaf Cleaning Gloves to remove dust and allow for more light to reach your leaves.

3. Keep feeding your plants!

Contrary to popular belief you can fertilize your plants through the winter! You'll want to avoid high NPK fertilizers and switch to a bio-active plant food like Grow Concentrate to feed your plants year round and keep them thriving through all seasons.

Pro-tip: Just add a squirt of Grow to your watering can every time you water.

4. Keep plants away from drafts and heaters 

As you're turning on your heater for the year be aware of the stress it can cause your houseplants. Move them away from window drafts and heaters to avoid crispy leaves.

Pro-tip: Add a sprinkle of Enrich Powder to your soil to protect against abiotic stress in the colder months.


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