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Celebrating Teachers Who Help Our Minds Grow

Last week, to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked you to share stories of the educators who have fostered growth and supported your loved ones. We were overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of gratitude for these amazing individuals who dedicate their lives to shaping young minds. Today, we're thrilled to announce the winners of our Teacher Appreciation Week Essentials Kit giveaway, along with some excerpts from their inspiring nominations:

Jody G: Making a Lasting Impact One Hug at a Time

Jody is a 2nd grade teacher in Minnesota, nominated by one of her student's mothers!

"She is an amazing teacher who makes an impact everywhere she goes. She taught my daughter online during the COVID pandemic and made that year so much better than we ever could have asked. She knows that each kid is different and she is eager to meet the kids where they are. My daughter continues to visit her every morning before class to give her a hug and say hello, and Jody continues to be there for her."


Christine B: Cultivating Growth Inside and Outside the Classroom

Next up is Christine, or Ms. B nominated by a parent of a current student. 

"We have been grateful to have several wonderful teachers over the past several years that my kids have been in school. By far the standout is Christine, or Ms. B as she is known across campus. Ms. B is the moderate/severe special education teacher at our K-8 school and my son is part of her classroom. She works tirelessly to ensure that each of her students have the right supports that they need, are being challenged daily in the best ways, and are seeing daily successes to grow their confidence. She truly understands each of her students and what they need to thrive. She takes responsibility for several of the plants around campus and the class gets to regularly water and care for them as well as doing indoor gardening in the classroom. My son always loves the days that they water the plants and it is the first thing he mentions after school. Ms. B doesn't just care for the students in the class, every day before school she can be seen outside the gate greeting people as they come into school and often offering a sticker to get their day started right.

I truly love and appreciate all that Christine does for our school community, we wouldn't be the same without her!"


Ian T: A Legacy of Inspiration

Last, but not least is Ian, a teacher and coach nominated by his own Mother.

"I want to nominate my son Ian. He has taught elementary school, Middle school, coached Women's Volleyball, coached swimming and now is going on to coach Men's Volleyball. I was also coaching Women's Volleyball when he graduated college and began coaching and teaching in the same school district he grew up in and graduated from.
As a parent to see him grow into a wonderful man, parent and a teacher is such an inspiration to me. To see his former students and athletes, some who are married and parents themselves, blows my mind.
When they say " Mr. Thome" or "Coach Thome" " I loved being in your class" "You were such a great coach" I think to myself, I am so proud and this is what an educator should be to their students. He works so hard and doesn't see the impact he has daily and them in a lifetime.
I know I'm just a Mom but, I sure am a proud one!"


Congratulations to Jody, Christine, and Ian! We are incredibly grateful for your dedication and the positive impact you have on your students and communities. We hope these essentials kits will help you continue your amazing work!

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