Made in the US. 100% organic ingredients. Backed by science

Why we're better than the rest

Standard fertilizer

Chemical ingredients

Made with sulfuric acid & petroleum

0 active microbes

Can burn roots

Our products

100% organic ingredients

Made by earthworms

Up to 500 million microbes per tsp

Simple to use

Safe for all plants

Kickstart your plants'  natural function

Plants weren’t made to live in pots – and that's often why they get a bit down on us. To make it worse, we tend to use products that actually hinder our plants and harm the environment. Plastic-coated fertilizer granules. Synthetic, ammonia based plant food. Petrol-based pesticides. Not anymore! Our formulas are squeaky clean and designed to get plants humming on their own. It’s simple; by replicating mother nature, we’re working with the natural instinct of our plants, not against them.

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"I call these the wonder products. My plants loveeee them!"

Charlie Lees

Scientifically tested

From home trials to lab based experiments, we’ve donned the white coat and worked with some of the brightest biochemists to build products that work better for your plants and the environment. Follow us on Instagram to hear about our latest trials, tests, and results!

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We feed our earthworms a specific mix of organics to deliver optimal plant-powering performance.



Tree clippings

Fish aminos

Butcher's waste


Worm castings

Poultry litter

Fulvic acid