Q&A With A Plant Care Expert

Q&A With A Plant Care Expert

Welcome back to "Q&A with a Plant Care Expert!" Today, we chat with Clayton, one of our partnership managers, about his plant parenting journey. Growing up in rural Connecticut, Clayton found solace in gardening, which evolved into a love for indoor greenery.

From early mistakes with light needs to recommending the resilient Golden Pothos for beginners, Clayton shares what he has learned so far on his plant parent journey. Let's get growing!

How did your journey as a plant parent begin? What sparked your interest in owning and caring for plants?

Growing up in rural Connecticut, my childhood was spent mostly outdoors, immersed in my grandmother's flower garden and exploring the dense woods near my home. As an adult, I found solace in gardening barefoot, a practice that helped me manage my anxiety. When I eventually moved into apartments without outdoor spaces, I chose to bring nature indoors, filling my living space with greenery to make it feel like home.

What was your biggest mistake when you first got into plants?

My biggest mistake when I first got into plants was not understanding their light needs. I vividly remember placing a polka dot plant in direct sunlight, where it quickly became scorched, while my poor succulent, left in a dimly lit corner, rotted from lack of light.

What is your favorite plant to recommend to beginner plant parents and why?

Golden Pothos is incredibly easy to grow and thrives with minimal care. One of the things I love most about it is its fast growth rate, which allows it to cascade beautifully from a shelf or even wrap around your room if you attach it to the wall. It’s a plant that brings a lot of life and greenery into a space quickly, and it’s still one of my favorites today.

What's your favorite We The Wild product and why?

Grow Concentrate! It’s like a magic potion. I’m always amazed at how fast my plants start sprouting new leaves after using it. It’s brought so many of my plants out of dormancy, transforming them from sleepy and dull to vibrant and lush.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their own journey as a plant parent?

My advice for someone just starting their journey as a plant parent is to embrace patience and let YouTube be your best friend. Every plant has its quirks and unique care needs, and YouTube is an incredible resource for finding specific tips and tricks. Take your time, enjoy the process, and don’t be afraid. Even the most expert plant enthusiasts make mistakes. It sounds morbid but sometimes plants just like to be dramatic and die.

What's next in your plant parent journey?

I've been obsessed with the challenge of bringing plants typically grown outdoors in the US inside. I recently grew a lemon tree from a seed I found in my seltzer at a restaurant, which is about a foot tall now. I also bought a fruit-bearing fig tree seedling, and I’m currently sprouting an avocado seed in water using the toothpick method. It’s so fun to see what I can grow with the abundant natural light streaming through my huge factory apartment windows.

Where can people find you online to follow your plant care journey!?

@claytonisplanted on Instagram

Anything else you want to share with our audience of budding greenthumbs?

The microscopic world living in your houseplant's pot is just as important as the plant itself. The tiny ecosystem of microorganisms living in the soil plays a vital role in your plant's health. By ensuring your plants have the diversity of organisms they would naturally find in the wild, you’re helping them thrive and flourish like they would in their natural habitat.
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