Hoya Blooms and spring plant care tips

Top 3 Things To Do For Your Plants as Spring Comes

Spring has sprung, and your houseplants are eager to flourish! Here are our top three essential plant care tips to nurture your leafy loves.

1. Spring Clean Your Leaves

Give your leaves a spring clean to keep your plants healthy, disease-free and free of pesky pests. Wipe the leaves with our Leaf Cleaning Gloves and a spritz of Protect Spray to remove dust and shine leaves.

2. Feed Your Plants

Spring is the season of new blooms and fresh foliage. If you're not already, start feeding your plants to jumpstart their growth. Add a sprinkle of Enrich Powder to your top soil every 4-6 weeks and add a squirt of Grow Concentrate to your water every time you water for a boost of beneficial bacteria and fungi. 

3. Refresh Your Potting Soil

Spring is an ideal time to refresh your plants' potting mix or repot any root bound pants. Make sure to pot your plants in a container 1-2" than the root ball with sufficient drainage and a chunky soil mix with a healthy dose of Enrich Powder to minimize transplant sock and support healthy roots. 


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