Your Plant Success Stories: Let's Spill the Green Tea!

Check out some of our Wild One's planty success stories! 🌟 

Jemma's not so Fickle Fiddles🪴

“I just wanted to share some results. The first photo was taken 3 weeks ago and the second photo was taken today. I have been using the enrich, grow and protect and my plants are really thriving and growing”

fiddle leaf fig before and after

“Plus this leaf is on my other fiddle leaf and it’s bigger than my head!”

Large fiddle leaf


Erin's Alocasia Oasis 💚

“After 4 months with no new leaves, I used your products. 2 days after and this little baby sprouted a new leaf!”



Susan's Mini Jungle 🌱

“This time last year I had 2 sad pathos and an aglaonema with 4 wimpy leaves. Now I have a house full of happy, healthy plants. Tanner The Planter supplied the how, products gave me the tools. Happy plant addict here.”



Team Member Spotlight 

One of our very own Wild One's wanted to share the transformation on her variegated string of pearls! The before is from June of 2023 and the after is January of 2024!

string of pearls before and after


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