Plant Care Essential Trio Kit

Tired of Your Plants Wilting Away?
THIS is the Simple Secret to Thriving Houseplants!

  • New Growth: with 100% organic ingredients your plants will thrive with the biodiverse nutrients they get in the wild.

  • Instant and Easy: no stress, complicated measuring, or worrying about burning and overdosing! Takes just a few minutes of care per week.

  • Strong Plants All Year Round: be a better plant parent and stop killing your plants.

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Products that work better for your plants and the environment.

Every product sold plants a tree to rebuild fragile ecosystems.

you can't mess up with these products

Your Plants Deserve Better:
Built with the Goodness of Nature for Easy & Fast Green Thumb Results

Say goodbye to your brown thumb and hello to a thriving indoor oasis! This kit is the secret to becoming a plant hero!

From Worm Castings

All natural ingredients and zero man made chemicals. We use earthworm casts to fuel your plants with the microbes, fungi and natural bacteria they would thrive on if they were growing in the wild.

Works on All Potted Plants

You read that right, no complicated measuring instructions or varying use based on the type of plant. These products are designed to help any houseplant thrive. The Essential Trio kit has enough product to support 2-12 plants.

For Novices to Green Thumbs

This product takes the guesswork out of gardening so you can focus on relaxing your indoor oasis instead of constantly trying to revive dying plants. There is no risk of overdosing or burning your plants like other fertilizers.

Use All Year Round

You'll get new shoots, new leaves and new blooms regardless of season when you consistently use the essential trio products.

100% Organic

OMRI certified so you don't have to worry about bringing any toxic chemicals into your home.

Sustainably Sourced

We're circular and responsible, and just a smidge proud of it.

Get Your Essential Trio

Just Squirt, Sprinkle, and Spray

Less Fuss, More Fun

Enjoy lush, healthy plants with minimal effort. No complicated measuring or risk of burning or overdosing your plants with nasty chemicals!

No More Brown Thumbs

Our scientifically formulated and organic formulas replicate the microbes and nutrients your potted plants would receive in the wild, making keeping houseplants alive simple and natural.

Become a Plant Parent Pro

Watch your leafy babes flourish and thrive!

Fast Results You Can See

See the difference in just weeks with new shoots, new leaves, and new blooms.

Year Round Plant Care in 3 Simple Steps

Grow Concentrate

Enrich Powder

Protect Spray with Neem

Feeling a little Plant Mom guilt? We've all been there! With Grow you can rest easy that you're giving your babies the essential nutrients found in the wild they need to THRIVE!
(even if they occasionally get neglected. We’ll never tell!)

Sometimes, even the best plant parents need a helping hand! Enrich Powder rejuvenates your soil, promoting healthy root growth and keeping your plants happy from the inside out.

Leaves looking a little drab? Use our gentle yet powerhouse Protect Spray with neem. It smells lemony-fresh and keeps leaves lush and shiny by shielding against fungal issues, defending against stressors, and removing light-blocking dust.

Grow Concentrate

Essential nutrients. Squirt into every watering to help plants thrive, even with the occasional neglect.

Enrich Powder

Promotes healthy roots. Sprinkle into your soil or use when repotting for a strong foundation.

Protect Spray with Neem

Lemony-fresh smell. Spray on leaves to keep lush and remove light blocking dust.

Get Your Essential Trio

Essential Plant Care Kit

From wilted brown leaves to luscious Instagram-worthy beauties.
This kit is the perfect solution for busy plant parents.

Rated 4.8 Stars From Real Customers

Easy to Use & Safe for Your Home

Let's face it, life can be hectic! ️ That's why we designed this kit to be super user-friendly. No apps, complicated measuring, chemicals or expensive tonics. Plus, all our products are organic and safe to be used around pets and families, so no worries there!

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