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How to use Enrich

Sprinkle Enrich Powder into the topsoil every time you water your plants, or mix through soil when repotting. Watch our instructional video below and scroll down to read our FAQs. 


There’s no need for precise doses with our simple to use products, but to get the most out of your product, we recommend:
2 tsp for 3-6” pots
3 tsp for 7-10” pots
4 tsp for 10”+ pots When repotting, use 3 tsp per quart of soil and mix through thoroughly.
For best results, we always recommend using them together! Enrich will focus on building a strong foundation of healthy roots and rich soil, while Grow will get to work helping push out new, healthy growth.
Nope! We made our products specifically for plants in pots, but they work just as well on plants in garden beds, veggies patches, and even for succulents and cacti.
Absolutely! Just dip nodes and seeds with some diluted Grow and then coat with Enrich for speedy root development.
Enrich Powder has the added benefit of a little plant health helper called mycorrhizal fungi! This type of fungus helps your plant’s roots to communicate and form a relationship with the soil that they’re in. The mycorrhizae will help your plants absorb the moisture and nutrients it needs, and helps flush out the stuff that it doesn’t.