How to use Grow

Use our Grow Concentrate every time you water, on all plants and all
year round. Watch our instructional video below, and scroll on to read
our FAQs! 


How can I fertilize my plants so often without burning roots?

The reason that traditional fertilizers burn roots and overdose plants is because they’re packed full of heavy minerals, but no microbes. The microorganisms in Grow allow nutrients to be immediately available for your plants, meaning there’s no build up of minerals (including salt) in your soil. The result is well fed plants that thrive year round!

Can Grow be used with Enrich?

Absolutely! Grow is your plants’ energy juice, whilst Enrich sets a strong foundation of nutrient-rich soil and healthy roots. All of our products work well on their own, but best when used together!

Are there any plants I shouldn’t use Grow on?

Nope! Though specifically formulated for plants living in pots, Grow is great to use on all plants - from succulents to spider plants to salad greens!

What is the white hole on top of the lid?

The beneficial bacteria in the bottle need two things to survive; oxygen and carbohydrates. The white dot is a waterproof vent that allows oxygen into the bottle to keep the bacteria active!

How should Grow smell?

It should have a low odor that disappears with water. Because we small batch brew our products, you may notice slight variances - however there shouldn’t be a strong odor. If there is, leave the product upright for a few days.