Fungus Gnat on houseplant

How to prevent Fungus Gnats in your houseplants

Fungus gnats can be a MASSIVE nuisance for fellow plant lovers. Annoying, black flying insects that just won't BUZZ OFF! Until now! Read on to learn 3 proven ways to say bye-bye to these bugs. 

  1. Dry out your soil and stop watering: One of the biggest reasons fungus gnats flourish in your houseplants is a overwatering. These babies love moist soil, so allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. HIDDEN HINT: Check your soil; is it like a sponge? Or does water flow freely from the bottom? If soil holds too much moisture, gnats may move in!

  2. Sticky Traps: our compostable sticky traps are a simple yet effective way to trap adult fungus gnats that fly around your home. These strips fit perfectly inside the rim of your pot and attract adults moving out of the soil. Simply peel, stick and watch those gnats stick to the surface. Once done, our compostable corn gnat strips can be put in your compost bin. They're made of corn, and will break down over time. 

  3. Neem Oil Treatment: many customers tell us that they use Neem Oil products to combat fungus gnats. This organic insecticide disrupts the life cycle of the gnats and helps control their population effectively. Neem oil contains azadirachtin, a compound that acts as a growth regulator and disrupts the development of insect larvae.

Pro-tip: Make sure to keep your leaves clean and fresh with Protect Spray with Neem Oil. While it is not registered as a pesticide, it is great for cleaning leaves and keeping them free of dust and grime. 


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