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Wild Round Up: What's Your Plant Type?

Let's be honest, zodiac signs are so last season. At We The Wild, we're all about channeling our inner flora. So, we asked our team the age-old question: "If you were a plant, what plant would you be and why?"

The answers were...well, let's just say they were as diverse (and sometimes prickly) as your local nursery's amazing plant selection!

Sarah's Sunny Soirée

As a true ray of sunshine on the team, Sarah would be a Banana palm! 

"I love warm weather, soaking up the sun, to be shined up, and cant get enough water."

Averi's Outgoing Alocasia

Averi is the life of the party, that's why she would be an Alocasia Sting Ray!

"Their leaves are bold and make a statement, basically this plant is a conversation starter, just like me!"

Maddi's Prickly Possibility

"Honestly a cactus! I think desert plants are SO cool, but I also can get a bit prickly when I'm tired or hangry 😱" Don't worry, we made sure she was fed before this questionnaire! 

Lily is a... Lily?

JK! We didn't let her take the easy way out with her flora inspired name. 

"Hydrangea. I don't want to be put in a box, just like the hydrangea my colors change based on the vibe (or acidity in the soil in the case of hydrangea)."



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