How To Keep Your Plants Thriving All Year Round

Step 1: Use These Plant Care Essentials

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Step 2: Read these Handy Houseplant Hints

Tip 1: Watering

Only water when soil is dry to touch, use Grow every time.

Tip 2: Lighting

Choose a spot with 6+ hours of bright indirect sunlight a day.

Tip 3: Leaf Health

Keep leaves free from light-blocking dust with Protect Spray.

Tip 4: Indoor Air

Move plants away from heaters & air-conditioners.

Tip 5: Plant Stressors

Combat plant stress and support healthy roots by using Enrich Powder all year.

Tip 6: Repotting

Repot plants once a year, keeping in mind spring is typically the best season to repot. Mix Enrich Powder into your soil for every repot.

Step 3: Sign Up for Plant Care Advice